Flying for Fun

Flying for fun with Paragliders, Paramotors and Microlights

Information about a paragliding site near Loule in the Algarve.
Directions on how to get there, pictures, video, local club information,
and where to book a tandem flight.
Also some information about other local paragliding sites
Paragliding at Loule in the Algarve

Paragliding acrobatics at the castle FIA El Yelmo Spain 2016

FIA Paragliding and Paramotor festival El Yelmo in Spain 2016

Flying for fun with Paramotors

This is about the Las Candelas celebrations and Paramotor festival held annually  in a  small town called La Pueblo de los Infantes in the south of Spain
The weekend was all about paramotoring, traditional Spanish celebrations and festivities.

Flying for fun with Microlights

This is about sharing the experience of riding passenger in a microlight with a friend. This flight was over the beautiful area of North Cornwall in the UK.
Flying-for-fun with a Microlight

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