The 19th gathering of paramotor enthusiasts in La Puebla de Los Infantes near Sevilla took place over the weekend of 31st January and 1st of February 2015.

Two Paramotors

I went along mainly to watch what I hoped would be an exiting event of paramotoring games and competitions. I was also looking forward to meeting to some people and checking out the various paramotors and equipment for sale. I had in mind a few things I wanted to buy, namely a stuff sack for my paraglider wing, an anemometer (wind speed measuring device), a flying suit and a few other bits and bobs.


Another reason to go was to witness the traditional celebrations of

Las Candelas. (The Candles)

Drinks by the Fire (2)

These celebrations have gone on for many years and revolve around the bonfires which are built all over the town, in the streets, on the pavements and any space available. On top of some bonfires are placed life sized straw dolls and are decorated with balloons, money and other things. A lot of work and preparation goes into these creations.  It wont be long before theses girls are going to be too hot to handle!

Two Hot Girls

Many of the fires are built outside of peoples houses and many of them had chairs, and a table upon which were placed all types of drinks which were freely offered by the very friendly people of this town. I stood by a fire only to look and to keep warm and was quickly offered some bread, a beer and a large piece of meat from a barbecue. Delicious! Thank you very much!

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flying for fun/paramotors Las Candelas Sevilla 2015  Thanks

I hope very much to be at the 20th gathering of paramotors next year and maybe you will be there too.

Cheers for now


Loads of things have happened or changed in the last couple of years since my last posting so here are some brief updates and Happy New Year to you  (can I still say that?)

Nini is now living in South Africa and the Roxy Bar in Alferce is closed. Had some good times in the Roxy Bar. Thank you Nini

Ana Silva Veterinary Clinic has moved from Pe Da Cruz to  another property it's a little further along the main road in the direction of Monchique town centre on the right hand side after the garage workshops and before the SPAR.

A new Intermarche supermarket has opened at Pe Da Cruz Monchique

I have explored more areas of Spain and Portugal,

I have had some lovely holidays in one of Kevins amazing Yurts,

I have been flying around some of the beaches of the Algarve with my paraglider,

and many more things I want to talk about.