The Roxy Bar in Alferce near Monchique in Portugal

The Roxy Bar in Alferce is a nice cosy little bar where I am sitting now as I type this.I am connected to the Internet via wi-fi, and drinking a beer with my friends. Life is good.

The last time I was here (Fernando) Nini, the landlord was drumming /jamming with a guy on guitar called Georg Scheele. The sound was amazing and with the video player projecting images onto a large screen and the musicians, the whole experience was quite mesmerizing. I am looking forward to hearing them play together again very soon.

Nini the landlord is asking for local musicians to come and have a jamming session on Friday nights.

Bring you're guitar, drum or whatever instrument you enjoy playing and some friends and have a great night at the Roxy Bar in Alferce.

Hopefully this will lead to regular music nights where bands, local musicians, and solo artists will be able to promote their music and entertain an audience.

I very much look forward to seeing you here.

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