About Selwyn

Hello my name is Selwyn. I am from Cornwall in the UK.

Thank you for visiting my website.

Selwyn in Cornwall
Selwyn Relaxing with Friends in Cornwall

A little background about Selwyn.

When I was young my grandparents on both sides of  the family had small farms in Cornwall. They had a cow or two, chickens, a few sheep, grew hay which I remember was collected with a big Shire horse called Royal and lived as much as possible, self sufficient lifestyles.

When I was old enough I helped local farmers with hay harvesting, sheep dipping, fencing, milking the cows and all the other jobs related to farming. This I did at weekends and during school holidays. I left school with a few qualifications but got a job in a local garage as a trainee mechanic. After three years of training I qualified as a car mechanic.

I have had lots of amazing experiences and firewalking is one of them

Selwyn Walking on Fire in the UK 1999/2000

Fire walking in Torquay
What a way to start the new millenium.

Over the years I have taken holidays in France, Andorra, Italy, Sweden, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Spain and various locations throughout the UK.  My first visit to Portugal was in March 2007.

I instantly felt at home in rural and coastal Portugal. For me it is like stepping back into familiar times of my childhood.

In the UK, the end of October and the changing of the clocks meant going to work in the dark and coming home in the dark. The cold, dark and wet don't appeal to me. I prefer to spend the months of winter in a warmer climate.

 I am currently focusing on building this website for myself and my friends.

Through this website I want to say thank you to the people and events that have made a difference to my life.

Thank you
Selwyn Paragliding on Dartmoor in Devon UK. Photo by Fran Meehan. Thank you very much.


Today I changed my life. I went up onto the hill. I climbed the mountain. I flew like a bird.

This is Selwyn  flying like a bird over Dartmoor in Devon. I loved it.

                                                     Thank you to everyone that helped to make it happen.

I like reading books, playing guitar, taking photographs, paragliding, walking, visiting places and exploring.

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    1. Post author

      Cheers Alan. Thank you. I have lots of work to do here but hopefully the idea will catch on and other people who are thankfull about something or too someone can use this website to say so either by using the comments box or drop me an email and I could publish an article. It's good to show appreciation, and to feel appreciated. Thanks for the comment.


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