Monchique, The Algarve, Portugal

From the South Coast of the Algarve when looking North to the jagged peaks on the horizon, you are looking at a mountain range called the Serra de Monchique. Foia standing at 902m is the highest mountain in Southern Portugal. A little way down from Foia is Monchique.

Monchique is a lovely old market town situated high in the mountains of the Algarve in Southern Portugal.

Roof top View of Monchique
View of Monchique, the Algarve in Portugal

 The town and surrounding area is cosmopolitan with it’s mixture of Portuguese, Cornish, Irish, Welsh, Scottish, English, German, Norwegian, Dutch, French,  Canadian and other nationalities settling in for life in the sun.

Among the people of Monchique are poets, musicians, authors of books, computer experts, website designers, property developers, plumbers, electricians and many other people each with their own unique talents and skills.

   Internet access and a coffee in Monchique  is my thing at the moment.

 So here are some tips.

The central area has wi fi access which is free to use.

free internet access hot spot in monchique
Connect to the internet for free in Monchique

Simply turn on your Internet network connection, find a signal that says algarve digital and connect. Hey presto connected to the Internet for free on your own computer.

Thank you very much to Algarve digital

Connect for free in Monchique
Wi-fi hot spot in Monchique

The signal is pretty good all around the center enabling you to sit outdoors have something to eat and drink in the sunshine and check your emails at the same time.

The small Internet Espacao that was in the center has now moved into  a much bigger building and contains 11 computers which are built into the wall in one long line.

Directions to Internet Espacao

Find the bus stop in the center, then the statue sitting in the wall.

Statue in the central area of monchique
Waiting at the bus stop in Monchique

Find the colourful kiddies train then see the junta freguesia sign on a nearby building.
Walk down the slope and turn left. Walk the length of the building
and you will see all the computers through the windows.

Open from 3pm until 9pm Monday to Saturday.

Free internet access at the Library in Monchique Algarve

The Library has three computers for free access to the internet.

Open from 10:30 to 12:30  in the mornings and 2pm to 7pm in the afternoons.

The Post Office and the Library in Monchique
The Library is opposite the Post Office in Monchique

Just speak with someone at the desk about the next available slot and put your name down. Quite often there will be one to use immediately or at least very soon.  Browsing the books, magazines and newspapers will pass some time if you have to wait a little while. A few shelves for foreign languages ie English, German, French and so on is in the far corner.

A printer, photocopy machine by the desk can be very useful.

Ochala Tea House in Monchique

ochala tea house in monchique algarve
Ochala Tea House in Monchique

Ochala Tea House also has free internet connection thanks to  Christian and Isabel

On the counter is a laptop computer which customers can use or connect wirelessly with your own laptop.

Enjoy a nice meal with friends and check your travel plans on the net in a relaxed atmosphere.

Find out more about Ochala Tea House location, opening hours and
what's on the menu click here.

The Gardens in Monchique, Portugal
Looking down on the gardens of Monchique

Monchique has  shops of every description, numerous hardware stores, a couple of churches,  butchers, banks, grocery stores,  a monthly market and of course a good selection of  cafes and bars.

Monthly market in Monchique, the Algarve.
Monthly market visits Monchique
Monchique has two  swimming pools (indoors and outdoors)  a nice area for picnicing beside the river and much more. The old Franciscan monastery founded in 1631 draws many visitors up the steep cobbled streets to a spectacular view of Monchique town and the surrounding countryside.

Local produce includes meat in the form of chourico which is a traditional pork sausage recipie cured  over a fire for several days. Preto porco (black pig) is a particular favourite of mine.

Walking around Monchique
Quiet little side street in Monchique the Algarve

Monchique is famous for the local fire water  which is produced by distilling the fruit of the Strawberry Tree  Arbutus which seems to grow everywhere around the Monchique countryside. Medronho is drunk socialy and often used to toast an occassion. Any occassion!

Be carefull. It is very strong and allthough it is served in small measured shots the effects can be very sudden and catches some people by surprise. Mixing Medronho with other alcahols is not recommended.

Strawberry Tree Fruit
Ripening fruit of the Medronho

There some very nice places to stay from cheap and cheerful
to luxury and everything in between.

Some places accept woofers, or exchange some type of accommodation
for some help. This can be fruit picking, gardening, help with animals

There is no official campsite close to Monchique

Diary dates

April 25th - Liberation Day
May 1st - Labour Day

Emergency Numbers:

Dial 112 for Police, Ambulance and Fire from any phone (free)

GNR (Police) Tel: 282 912 629

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