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Welcome to Portugal
Driving in Portugal

Driving in Portugal

The speed limits in Portugal are shown on the sign post and are in kilometers per hour.


50 kilometres/hour = 30 miles/hour
90 kilometres/hour = 54 miles/hour
120 kilometres/hour = 72 miles/hour

If you are driving an english car your speedo may well be marked in miles per hour on the outside ring of the speedo and kilometers on the inner ring. Make sure you are familiar with your speedo. A mistake could mean an on the spot fine.

You must carry at all times; a warning triangle, a spare light bulb kit. a high visibilty jacket for each passenger. your passport, driving licence, valid insurance, vehicle inspection certificate (if applicable) and road tax.

It is recommended that you also carry a fire extinguisher and a first aid kit.

Portugal is divided into regional areas



Alto Douro

Douro Litoral

Beira Litoral; Aveiro

Beira Alta

Beira Baixa



Alto Alentejo

Baixo Alentejo

Algarve; Monchique



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