Liberty House and The Acoustic Cafe Launceston

Liberty House is in the newly renovated building which locals will recognise as the old Launceston branch of the Liberal club and is fast becoming known as Launceston's focal point for gathering, discussing and implementing new ideas wherever possible for the benefit of the local community.
This place is for everyone, whether you are a business or an individual. If you are looking for a helpful and supportive group of people with an established venue, Liberty House is a great place to introduce your suggestions and become part of a growing social network. It's a good place to start taking your first steps.
Liberty House Launceston is a community project where people can come together and feel welcome.
The initiative has the following vision statement for its work:
To empower, inspire and stand by people in the Launceston area to enable them to make informed lifestyle choices and to reach their full potential.

Liberty House In Launceston
Liberty House, The old Liberal Club in Launceston

Liberty House operates on three levels:
BUSINESS – to make the building financially sustainable
to meet local needs and tackle problems in the community
to show how Christianity is relevant to C21st Launceston
On the ground floor there is a shop named Country Chic where you can buy all manner of quality items for the house and home, be it presents for your friends and family or for your own personal use. The shop is full of interesting pottery, textiles, china, wooden crafts and more. Some usefull and some purely decorational. Have a look around and I bet you will find something to suit your taste and style.
On the second floor is Jericho's Brasserie where a fine selection of good coffees, teas and home made wholesome food is served in very comfortable surroundings by friendly welcoming staff. The menu is varied and changes on a regular basis. Local farmers provide the meat and vegetables where possible and a choice of vegetarian food is always available. The range of desserts on the specials board is always tempting.
If you own a laptop computer you are welcome to connect to the internet using the Wi-Fi signal whilst enjoying your favourite cuppa or sampling the delicious food.  Ask for the code when you order.

Contact Jericho's Brasserie Launceston

On the third floor is the Liberty House Conference Suite where local businesses hold meetings and also serves as an extra seating area for events such as the Acoustic cafe and for when the cafe becomes extra busy. Which it does. A large projector screen displays live video feed of the entertainment from Jericho's cafe below, enabling the audience to chill out in a different room but still feel connected to the main event.
Jericho's Brasserie and the Liberty House Conference Suite combine to provide a home for the increasingly popular Acoustic Cafe which opens it's doors on the last Thursday of every month.

The Acoustic cafe has become so popular that booking early is advisable to avoid disappointment
The very successful event held on Thursday 27th May is revisited below.

Launceston's Acoustic Cafe Poster
Acoustic Cafe in Liberty House Launceston
Welcome to Launceston Acoustic Cafe
A welcome to Acoustic cafe

Welcome to the Acoustic Cafe in Launceston's Liberty House

Josie Lloyd at Acoustic cafe Launceson
Josie Lloyd at Acoustic Cafe Launceston

Josie Lloyd

The first musician to take the stage was a talented and very nice lady named Josie Lloyd from a beautiful part of the country, Dartmoor
Josie has been singing and playing guitar for a number of years and enjoys singing Ragtime and Blues. Two of the songs she sang  were originally written by Charlie Patton and dated from as early as 1910-1920
Josie's  musical influences include Kate Bush, Joni Mitchel, John Martyn, Jeff Buckley &  Roy Harper.
Josie's  lovely guitar is a National Resophonic.
Josie was very enthusiastic about Acoustic Cafe and believes venues such as Liberty House are wonderful and youngsters should be encouraged to join in.  Josie would also like events like this to be held more often.
Josie organises a monthly music event called "Third Thursday, Rhythm and Booze."  Featuring guest performers and a headline band every third Thursday of a month at the Bridge Inn, Hatherleigh in Devon. Starts at 8:15
Up and coming musicians are welcome to use the open mic slot if you get there early.
Josie will be performing again at other venues in the South West throughout the year.
Thank you very much to Josie Lloyd for supporting Launceston's Acoustic cafe, sharing your music and kicking off this event in style.

Isaac, Hanah and Marcus at Acoustic Cafe
Isaac Haynes, Hanah Dawe and Marcus Cole are Three Young Stars

Hanah, Marcus and Isaac
Hanah Dawe (15) played the keyboard and sang beautifully. She started to learn piano by ear, found out that she enjoyed it and then went on to take piano lessons.
Hanah is now studying music at Launceston college.
Marcus Cole (13) enjoys playing electric and acoustic guitar and tonight he did a great job for an appreciative audience.
Issac  Haynes (13) is a self taught drummer and prefers to play the full drum kit but tonight performed brilliantly on the congas.
They all said that that the Acoustic cafe was good for the Launceston community and would like to say a big "Thank you" to everyone involved for giving them a chance to play to a real audience.
Something they would not be able to do in a pub.
All three said "It was brilliant experience for us and we want to come back to play again". "It is a wonderful opportunity to play in a real life situation and is great for helping us to build up our levels of confidence".

They all agreed the most important aspect for them was having very supportive families.
The group would like to find a bass player and another guitarist of a similar age group.
On the 26th of June they will be playing locally for a charity event which is being oganised by Jules.
Thank you very much to these Three YoungStars of  Launceston. Very well done.

James Corachea plays guitar at Acoustic Cafe in Launceston
James Corachea

James Corachea

James is 26 years old and lives at Trebarwith near Tintagel in North Cornwall.
James studied at Wells Cathedral school and Exeter University.
James learnt classical piano since the age of seven but has only been playing guitar for the last five years.
His favourite guitarist and inspiration is a guy called Andy McKee.
James thinks the Acoustic cafe is a great place for anyone starting out and is great for helping to build confidence, and to feel what it is really like to stand up in front of an audience.

I had a chance to chat with him before he played. When I said everyone was going to get a half hour slot he looked a bit concerned and said "I don't think I know enough stuff to play for half an hour". Well he did and the applause James received at the end was loud and long.
His style of playing was very unusual and I would say uniquely creative. The percussive style of playing involved using virtualy all parts of the guitar to create an expansive range of sounds to great effect. This  is fascinating to watch and a joy to the ear.
Thank you James Corachea for coming along to the  Acoustic cafe and sharing your talent with us.

Ali B and the Stingers

Ali B and the Stingers playing gospel songs.
Ali B and the Stingers playing at the Acoustic Cafe. Launceston

Ali on rhythm guitar and lead vocals.
Ray on lead guitar and backing vocals
Glen on Bass Guitar.
Together they played Gospel Songs
Ali, Ray and Glen are part of a bigger worship band aptly named 2-4-5 because they play on the 2nd, 4th and 5th Sunday of every month at the Central Methodist in Launceston. The group have recently played at parties for  family and friends.
One of the special appeals of  the Acoustic cafe was that it was unique and didn't have a pubby type of atmosphere. Ali, Glen and Ray all feel that the Acoustic cafe is a great idea and youngsters should certainly be encouraged to come along to have a go. They said "Launceston has needed a place like this for a long time." " The youngsters around here have nowhere to go and nothing to do".
Why not pop along to the Central Methodist Chapel one Sunday evening and listen to the complete group 245.  The Chapel is opposite Liberty House in Northgate Street.
Thank you very much to Ali B and the Stingers.

Ali Rowe and John Forward (Carrilyon)
Carrilyon at Acoustic Cafe


Ali Rowe vocals
John Forward vocals and acoustic guitar
Carillyon they explained, is an old word which means belltower.

Ali and John have for a long time enjoyed playing the Midlands folk music scene but have only recently returned to the attention of the public eye after taking a ten year gap for the upbringing of thier children.
Both Ali and John think Launceston Acoustic cafe is wonderful and gave it a big thumbs up.
Thank you to John and Ali for coming along to the Acoustic Cafe and singing folk songs for us.

 A Group of Friends

Jamie, Todd, Vicki and George
Jamie, Todd, Vicki and George.

Jamie Murphy on guitar
Today was a special day for this group of  people as they were celebrating the last day of two years studying for their Popular Music Degree.
Jamie was sitting in for Robin who was unable to play this evening.
Robin, Todd, Vicki and George are known as the popular local group Boxcat. Boxcat play originals.
They are all very passionate about music and are delighted that such an event as The Acoustic Cafe now takes place in Launceston on a regular basis. They told me that Launceston has been crying out for something like this for a long time. " We are pleased to support the Acoustic Cafe and encourage others to join in too, it's great for the community spirit". A non pubby atmosphere was also a bonus for them.

Jamie, Todd, Vicki and Mike at Acoustic Cafe
Jamie, Todd, Vicki and Mike at Liberty House, Acoustic Cafe

Jamie on guitar, Todd on congas, Vicki Oliver vocals and Mike on bass guitar.

Jamie, Todd, Vicki, Mike, George and Robin are members or several well known popular bands.
Boxcat play originals
Six is Out play covers
The Acoustic Project play covers
Via-Nero play originals
The excellent and very popular band Six is Out are playing at Jericho's Cafe on the 10th July.
Tickets are selling fast. Be quick and get yours now.  Contact Jules   (see number on poster below)
Thanks to all of you for entertaining us with your excellent music.

The Last Band of the evening at Acoustic Cafe

The Last Band

Rory Tilley on guitar
Nathan Pearson on violin
Pete Jefferies on guitar
Josh Lewitt on bass guitar
Charlie Davis vocals
Greg Painter on drums

The last band of the evening was a close group of friends who write and perform all their own material. They were brilliant. Their style of music is hard to catagorise but maybe folky/ blues with a touch of trance is somewhere close. Whatever it is classified as I enjoyed it and so did the audience.
Pete and Nathan explained that the group try to write original material which will appeal  to a wide range of listeners. Well you've done a great job guys.
They think Acoustic Cafe is an excellent place for musicians to come together and do something which the community can enjoy. They tell me there is nowhere else in Launceston like it and are looking forward to playing at this venue again.
The Last Band will be playing for the Charity event in Launceston which is being organised by Jules
Thank you all very much for coming together and supporting the Acoustic Cafe and rounding off  a fantastic evening with your uniquely blended style of music.

Jules and Alfie with the new mixing desk
Jules and Alfie adjusting the sounds at Acoustic Cafe

Julie Platt

 Known to her friends as Jules is the organiser of events at Acoustic Cafe. Jules  has done, and continues to do a terrific job for the Launceston community
Jules has worked extremely hard to bring to the people of Launceston a venue that is growing in popularity and fast becoming talk of the town with a musical  extravaganza held every month. Hats off to Jules.


Alfie Eccles

Alfie (18) is the sound technician who did a terrific job on Thursday despite a couple of technical issues with the new mixing desk which only arrived on Tuesday.
Alfie is a guitar player and will be taking part  in the next Acoustic Cafe as a musician with friend and Acoustic Cafe volunteer Naomi,  who will be singing. In September Alfie is off to Thames Valley University to study sound and music technology. Looking forward to seeing you both on stage. Good Luck.

A roundup of Launceston's Liberty House and the Acoustic Cafe

The Acoustic cafe is a non profiting enterprise operating under the umbrella of Liberty House.
Music is a uniting force which brings together people of all ages, backgrounds, talents and skills.
For musicians and singers who are just starting out and yet to stand up in public, to well seasoned performers, this is a great place to gain some recognition, raise levels of confidence and inspire others to simply 'have a go'. Every one has to take that first step.
Profits go into a kitty allowing continual investment in new equipment such as a public address system, video camera and projector screen, mixing desk and musical instruments for children to learn and practise with.
All the musicians, members of staff and volunteers are united in their focus
of developing a community with strong bonds and community spirit.
The first Acoustic cafe took place on January 21st and has happened on the last Thursday of each month to date.
Feedback of ideas for improvements are always taken into consideration as each event is built on the last. Tweaking, adjusting and improving involves much consideration from all angles therefore any input from musicians, the audience, the staff and volunteers are always welcomed.
Liberty House and The Acoustic Cafe is something the Launceston community can feel proud of.

The next Acoustic Cafe in Launceston
Book early for the next event at Acoustic Cafe

Well done and Special thanks to volunteers
Roddy and Mel Statton
John and Jean Statton
Ben Statton
Alicia, Naomi, Merv, David
John and Sandra Bailey
Vannessa and Steve
Michaela and Tom
All the people who came and supported the event.
Parents of the youngstars and all the performers who took part.
Everyone who gave me permission to photograph and write about this particular event. I have endeavored to represent all people, musicians, organisers, the venue and so on in an unbiased and truthful way. However if you the reader feel that I should make an amendment in any way please let me know by emailing me. selwynseven at
Please feel free to leave a comment about anything related to this event in the comment box below. Your email address is not displayed and kept private. Don't be shy say something.
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Thank you very much.

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  1. alan guest

    great work mate and well done to everyone for getting the community together with this inspired event

    all the best

    1. Post author

      Thank you Alan. Did I see you have booked a place for the next event? It will be another great evening. Some more great music lined up. Jules is doing a great job.

  2. Thanks to Selwyn for thanking Liberty House and all that it incorporates in the form of this web page. Not only is it great to see a genuine, heartfelt reaction towards the on-going social network taking place in the building, it is also relieving to read that someone has truly grasped the vision that the owners of Liberty House had for the town of Launceston. This website is extremely informative and clearly depicts the impacts a community project such as this has upon the town and its people. It's always great to see new faces about the place, especially when they get involved in such a way! I hope Liberty House continues to provide support to you Selwyn.

    1. Post author

      Thank you very much Ben. One of the things that come across very strongly to me about Liberty house is the sense of family values that extend beyond family to friends and strangers alike. A stranger is a friend we are yet to meet. The Native American Indians have a couple of words. I hope I get the spelling correct. Omitakayo oiyasin. (We are all connected). Thanks for the nice comments. Cheers Ben

  3. Post author

    Thank you for your kind comment Jules.
    It's great to feel so welcomed by so many people.
    I guess no man is an island and that the Acoustic Cafe Launceston is not the result of one persons thoughts and actions but the coming together of many like minded people with one common target. To bring to the community of Launceston somewhere for everyone to experience and feel the support we all need to move forward on our own personal journies by achieving goals which also bring benefit to the whole.
    Liberty House, Jericho's and the Acoustic Cafe is the result of great team effort.

    Well done to all of you.

  4. Jules

    The Acoustic cafe has and continues to be a massively positive thing for the town and is inspiring the people of Launceston in many ways, with coming together, bringing something that everyone can enjoy and or learn from. The whole project is voluntary run which is amazing in itself that people are willing to give their free time because they believe in it so much. Selwyn is the creator of this group and has set up this fantastic page because he wants to personaly thank people for his life experiences, he has done such an amazing job and we are very grateful to have him on board... Thank you Selwyn!! xxx


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