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On Wednesday 21st July 2010

Launceston Cafe Scientifique
 in Jerichos Brasserie in Launceston

Cafe Scientifique has been growing since 1998 and now has over forty cafes across the country. Jerichos of Launceston now fills the gap between Redruth and Exeter

This is the launch night of Cafe Scientifique Launceston and guests are invited to listen to a talk by Colin Webb, Emeritus Professor of Laser Physics, Emeritus Fellow of Jesus College, University of Oxford,  and Chairman Oxford Lasers Ltd. In January 2000 Colin was awarded an MBE for services to the UK Laser Industry so I guess Colin knows what he is talking about

The subject title of the talk is The Light Fantastic - lasers for science, industry and medicine.

It was 50 years ago in May the laser was first used with any success so it seems appropriate that the talk is an introduction to the history, properties and the use of lasers in manufacturing, measuring and medicine including treatment of cancer and sight problems.

If you have ever considered laser treatment for eyesight problems this could be a fantastic opportunity to get some answers to your questions.

The evening is designed to be an informal talk with discussion and  not a lecture. Which means all members of the public are invited to attend and feel free to ask questions and raise relative points of interest.

The evening starts at 7 pm and  there will be a break during the evening for coffee and cakes after which the discussion will begin.

The next Cafe Scientifique in September covers the topics of  Mathematics, Magic and the Electric  guitar which should interest some of the  many talented musicians in the Launceston and surrounding areas

Alferce near Monchique 1st May 2010

Festa do bolo tacho

Starting at 08:30 and continuing throughout the day is the Cake festival in Alferce.

Music, entertainment and local produce for you all to enjoy.

May see you there.

On Saturday the 1st of May "Ochala Tea House"  in Monchique will be closed for two weeks.

Christian and Isabel are taking a break but are looking  forward to

opening for business as usual on Tuesday the 18th May.