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Drew Nelson played at No8 Cafe Launceston

first gig of his UK Tour 2010

Drew Nelson singer songwriter at No8 Cafe
Drew Nelson performing at it No8 Cafe Launceston

Colin Hill sent me an email to tell me about the next musician he had lined up at No8 Cafe  and he seemed really excited. Now I know why. Drew played on Independence Day last year at no8 and he was very well received and still remembered by many.

Drew mentioned at one point that he felt that playing again at No8, was like coming back to a place where he knew he was amongst friends. That's nice.

Drew Nelson grew up in MIchigan and later joined the Navy and travelled the world. Returning from his travels around the globe he saw the old familiar small town communities through a different pair of eyes.

Drew's songs are inspired by ordinary everyday events, hometown, travelling the road, friends and family. politics, economics and eavesdropping. Whilst talking with Drew he said that some songs come to him in a flash, whilst other songs may sit around for years before going out to the public. Sometimes he felt inspired by catching snippets of conversation. I can almost imagine Drew sitting in a cafe listening to the chatter around him and thinking to himself "can you talk a little louder please, I am trying to write a song"!

Drew proved he could come up with a spontaneous song when he opened the window and the sound of workmen sawing timber and  local girls laughing and talking as they walked  by on the pavement below, entered the room .  Drew closed the window and started to sing. If he ever produces a song called "Jigsaws and Cornish Girls"  you know where it came from!

Drew Nelson on tour in UK 2010
Drew Nelson live at No8 Launceston Cornwall

  Drew places his songs in two categories. Happy and sad. We were privaleged to to find out that some songs he  sang for us tonight were sung for the first time ever and in fact one song was only two days old! Drew introduced  each song by telling us about the source of inspiration,  which always make the song understandable and gives meaning to the lyrics.

Drew Nelson on UK tour at No8 Cafe
Drew Nelson singer/songwriter in Launceston Cornwall

Some times when listening to a person sing you can say oh he sounds like......and come up with name, sometimes when listening to a song you may think of a style and draw comparisons, well all I can say is that Drew Nelson sounds like......Drew Nelson, and his style of music is very much like that of... Drew Nelson. He is funny, pleasant, friendly, approachable and very entertaining. He is a brilliant musician, singer and songwriter.

Graham Sleeman who provided all the equipment and monitored the sound,said people like Drew were easy to do the sound for because the instrument and the voice were so good, that once the sound desk was set up there was very little to do except enjoy the music. 

Drew makes his own instruments and he said as he tuned the guitar that it thought it was still a tree, meaning it still had life in it. It was certainly alive in Drews hands. His guitar sounded lovely and I thought a couple of times is the man playing the guitar or the guitar playing the man?  Perfect partners.

Drew Nelson Poster for No8
Drew Nelson signed poster.

 After Drew had played his encore, he was busy signing the CD's which he had for sale, along with sweatshirts, the proceeds of which go directly to a very worthy cause.... the Mortgage! I took a poster off the wall which Drew kindly autographed for me. Thank you very much Drew.

No8 Cafe and coffee shop is found in Westgate Street Launceston opposite the post office.

Telephone number -01566 777369

Special Thanks to

Colin Hill for another wonderful night of great entertainment

Adrian Harvey for the lovely venue

All the very friendly staff  for being very friendly staff

Graham Sleeman for the fantastic sound

Drew Nelson for sharing your passion

Drew Nelson has a deep spiritual conection with the planet Earth and the people who live on it and call it home. When I think of home I think of it as "Here On Mother Earth" I am sure Drew would agree. Native American Indian influences come across very strongly in the song "Grand Mother Moon" and "Raindance." Drew has seen first hand the damage and destruction caused by large companies seeking only profit, caring little about the environment or the displacement of  local people who watch their lands disappear.

Please visit Drew Nelsons website where you can download free music and learn more about his desire to help the people who are defending sacred territory called Eagle Rock from a mining company.


To find a gig near you visit Drew Nelsons Show Schedule

Albums by Drew Nelson

Dusty Road to Beulah Land          Immigrant Son

 Six is Out played in the William IV in Truro

on Sat 4th August.

 Jamie "The Boss" Murphy kindly asked me if I would like to come along to the gig and I gladly accepted the offer. With Jamie driving, Vicky in the front passenger seat, myself, several boxes of equipment including speakers, mixing desk, mic stands, guitars and miles of electrical cable in the back, we set off for Truro to meet up with Todd, Robbie and Geddy.

Jamie Murphy lead guitarist fo "Six is Out"
Jamie "The Boss" Murphy on guitar

 Next was unloading all the equipment, setting up the stage and doing a sound check. This can take a surprising amount of time. I was feeling like an apprentice roadie and enjoying the buzz of it all as I helped to carry in bits of drum kit, extension leads, guitars, PAs, stands for this and that and many other items of musical paraphernalia.

George (Geddy) Eddy with "Six is Out" in Truro
Geddy plays bass guitar for "Six is Out" in Truro

After all the equipment was plugged in,switched on, checked and double checked they played the first song of the evening which was also a sound check. A bit of tweaking on the sound desk and they were set to go. Time for a quick break before starting for real.

Jamie didn't have a sound technician this evening but asked if I would stand behind the desk and keep an eye on things. After showing me which knobs and sliders I could and couldn't fiddle with, which member of the band was connected to what and most importantly, where the panic button was, he took his place, gave a nod to the others and another night of great music began.

Todd Phillips plays the drum kit at Truro gig
"Six is Out" drummer Todd Phillips

The apprentice roady/sound techie put his pint of Pear Cider down on the floor out of harms way (even an apprentice knows that electronics and liquids don't mix very well, no matter what the flavour is) glanced at all members of the band to see who was trying to get his attention. No one. Only Jamie who glanced across occasionally to give a reassuring smile.

Robbie Ceredig-Evans plays keyboard and sings for "Six is Out"
Robbie, vocalist and keyboard player for "Six is Out"

Some girls were happily dancing in the far corner, an older guy was extremely active on the dance floor obviously thoroughly enjoying himself and amusing the onlookers. I relaxed, sipped my pint, enjoyed the music and took some photos.

Several members of the audience gave comments throughout the evening praising the band and especially Vicki's singing.

Vicki Oliver sings with "Six is Out" in Truro
Lead singer Vicki singing at the William IV in Truro

After a couple of hours or so listening to some great cover versions of popular music the evening came to an end. Contact details exchanged, people drifted away, the equipment was packed away into vehicles, a bit of handshaking and we were off. Leaving the current Capital of Cornwall to head back to the ancient Capital of Launceston. We stopped at Hamburger Hill where Jamie treated us to a much needed grub up. Cheers Jamie. Thank you very much.

"Six is Out" members Jamie and Vicki
"Six is Out" performing at William IV in Truro

Six is Out is based in Launceston because that's where "The Boss" lives. However, Todd, George and Vicki are moving to Exeter where they will commute to and from Plymouth when starting the next years music degrees. Jamie will remain in Launceston but study in Plymouth and Robbie will stay in Penzance continuing his music degree in Truro. 

Six is Out will be playing in Launceston on the 25th September supported by local lads The Metro Men

Thank you very much to Jamie, Vicki, Todd, Robbie and George for letting me take photos and write about this evening.
I enjoyed myself very much. Good luck to all of you with everything you do.

Visit "Six is Out" on Myspace here

Also please visit Six is Out website here